Business premises

Cafe R

Catering area in the size of 72 m2 used to have the same purpose, but was not used for years and with additional devastation during the Homeland War it was found in bad condition.

The floors and walls were built with clay bricks and were repaired with solid bricks and mortar in subsequent restoration. Woodwork was old and had to be completely changed according to positions.

In the toilet unit, there were two toilets and a washbasin in a common room, but according to the law, there had to be three toilets, for women, men and staff. Since the room was very narrow and not adequate, and the investor did not want to take down the yard wall in order to expand the size, we had to use the existing area in the best possible way.

We divided the catering facility into two parts: the front part with the ceramic tiles and the rear part where rustic oak flooring was decided to be built.

According to the investor’s desire, there was supposed to be a fireplace that was designed to be made of rustic brickwork. The same brickwork was used for the bar and column that was the only one kept in the area. The interior needed to have a special accent on rustic appearance so the area is dominantly in earth colours and solid wood furniture.

The bar was custom made and there are cooling units with all the necessary appliances, counter and neutral retro-counters. Counter is made of solid wood, and there was an old beam placed as a footrest.

All the lights were selected to match the style, while the main lighting was performed in the suspended ceiling.