Living spaces

Apartment K

The clients wanted an idea for the kitchen, bathroom and a suggestion for furniture plan in the living room of the newly built apartment. All the installations were already prepared.

The first conceptual solution was an open kitchen style with a smaller number of cabinets. Due to the owners’ wish for more storage space, we fitted additional horizontally placed cabinets and a built-in kitchen hood in the final solution.

To expand the place visually and avoid cramming, the kitchen cabinets were made in white colour, and a toughened glass panel was chosen instead of tails. The front wall with the window was planned in grey colour.

A custom-designed cabinet was made to enclose electrical appliances such as wine cooler, a big freestanding refrigerator and a microwave oven.

Instead of wing doors on the pantry, we planed the sliding ones covered with blackboard paint to allow owners daughter to express her artistic potentials freely.

The counter is planned as a place for a quick meal or drink but also for the storage of wine bottles within the interesting honeycomb shelf.