Living spaces

Bathroom & Entrance hall

The project needed a conceptual solution for the lobby, toilet and bathroom. Due to the special requirements of the owners, a separate toilet and bathroom, as well as storage space for shoes and accessories in the lobby was planned. The householders are very creative and have original ideas and living solutions in their interior.

Accordingly, we decided to offer them modern and special ideas for their toilet and bathroom. Based on the ground plan, we defined the part of the wall that needs to be removed. This will provide the new storage space and bigger and spacious toilet with a sink and a bidet. The bathroom would keep the same dimensions, and the solution will be customised with old installations for water, drainage and heating. The built-in part is divided, with the wardrobe lift for the coats and jackets on top, and few shelves for shoes and other things on the bottom.

Taking into consideration that the owners wanted to leave the original doors, we decided to convert a hinged door to a sliding door. In this way, we kept the same doors but also provided an interesting solution.

To break the prejudice that we can only have tiles in the bathroom, we plan to put wooden panelling on the entire wall. It would be comprised of different narrow pieces of impregnated wood with a special effect and make the space visually much wormer. Although both of these small spaces have a window with natural light, we suggested choosing tiles in lighter tones to make them visually bigger. Floors and part of the walls with tiles would be in sand colour, while the rest of the wall would be in white like the cabinets and bathroom sanitaries.

Considering that the apartment was built in Austro-Hungarian time, rooms are very high and offer a very good solution for storage cabinets under the ceiling with embedded spot lighting that adds attractiveness to the interior. These cabinets can be used for the storage of things which are not used very often, while the bathroom sink cabinet will offer additional storage options for every day use things.

To hide the presence of the gas boiler and washing machine in the bathroom, we planned to put them inside the big white cabinet without handrails. To support the owners’ original ideas, we put a witty drawing on the panel made out of plexiglass or similar material above the toilet flusher, as well as towel holders made from plumbing pipes.