Living spaces

Family house T

After our first contact and visit, the clients wished to re-shape the current kitchen layout with some minor modifications and to have a new living room design solution.

To get more kitchen space and working area, we suggested installing a kitchen island. The bottom part would consist of cabinets for storage of utensils, and the top would be expanded to provide a counter with two barstools. With this island, the kitchen becomes a place for gatherings and fast meals but also a functional space for food preparation and storage.

To avoid a classic kitchen solution, we placed the six-person dining table in the living room. This was the best solution due to the short communication between the kitchen and dining place, with the suggestion to take off the doors and form a passage between these two spaces.

The living room concept depended on the existing furniture and needed minor modifications of electrical and TV installations to be moved to the other wall.

Due to the long and narrow living room space, a big mirror was planned to be installed above the seating area to expand the place visually. The colour of the kitchen walls will be white due to the combination of cherry wood kitchen cabinets, and the room size and height.